Members can visit an organization's Member portal to update their payment information. 

Locating an Organization's Member Portal

To cast a wide net, there are several ways for members get to their organization's member portal -- however, the most straight forward way to direct members is by amending '/members' to your profile URL. 

For example: 

Additional ways that members will get to the Members portal: 

  • There are buttons and 'Call To Actions' on the main Profile for members to login

  • If a member who has already claimed their account logs in to Join It (, they'll be redirected

Updating their Payment Method

Once a member has arrived at the members portal, they'll see their respective memberships for the organization. 

One of the options at the bottom of the Membership card is to 'Edit Payment Details' -- clicking this will direct the member to a credit card form to update their payment details.

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