Join It takes your security seriously. We take extensive measures to protect your data. Likewise, Join It will never use or share your member's information -- their data is safe.

Going into more detail, check out some other useful insights into our security measures:

Secure third party vendors we employ: 

Data mobility: exporting your membership data: 

Data mobility: resetting your membership data: 

  • Join It believes that you fully own your Memberships data, so if you choose to leave the platform then you can completely and permanently delete all of your data from our platform

  • This can be found within your account by going to your Organization's Settings tab and clicking the 'Reset Data' button. Once you confirm that you want to delete your data, your account will be wiped clean

  • This action will delete all related Members/Memberships, Payment record, and Timeline objects

Forced HTTPS 

  • All visitors to access the site through HTTPS, so that all data transferred from your browser connection to our servers is encrypted.

  • Evidence: When visiting, you'll see the 'green lock' encryption 

Credit Cards / Payments / Stripe

  • Credit Card information is never sent to Join It's servers. Through Stripe's SDK, we send the payment information from the client/browser directly to Stripe and Stripe returns a token to initiate payment

  • This reduces the risk concerns around handling sensitive payment information

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