The Join It service includes a portal for members of an organization to login and view details on their membership. For logged out users, they will see a button that says "Already a Member? Log in" at the top of an organization's profile. 

One component of these membership details includes payments made by the member to the organization. These payments are listed beneath the card displaying the main details on a membership and members can click on the cards to view additional details and a receipt.

When a member clicks on a specific payment, a separate tab will be opened that displays a receipt (or a tax invoice depending on whether tax was collected). 

This receipt will display differently depending on the configuration of the organization. Including the following scenarios: 

  • Organization's Address: If an organization has set an address, then the address will display under 'Invoice From'
  • Recipient's Address: If the respective membership type is collecting an address, then the address for the invoice recipient will display under 'Invoice To'. 
  • Line Item for Tax: If the organization has set tax rules, then there will be a separate line item displaying the calculated tax. 

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