With Join It, organizations can determine how much tax to charge on their membership dues (learn more about collecting tax in this article). 

In the case that an organization needs to collect tax on top of the price of membership (rather than have tax included in the price of membership, like the 'value added tax' model of the United Kingdom) -- then the organization needs to take additional steps to configure the tax in Stripe. 

Is your tax *not* included in the price of the membership?

If tax is not included in the stated price of the membership, then there are required steps for configuring your Stripe account. The exact steps are dependent on the configuration of your membership types. 

For membership types that *do not* automatically re-bill

When tax is calculated on top of the membership price and the membership type is not set up to automatically re-bill, then there are additional steps you need to take in Stripe to make sure tax is collected: 

  1. First, make sure Stripe is already connected to your Join It account (if you need to connect or sign up for a Stripe account, learn more here)
  2. Then, log into your Stripe account and go to your Dashboard
  3. Click on the 'Business Settings' link in the left-hand navigation
  4. From the Business Settings menu, click on the 'Relay' tab
  5. Make sure you're viewing the 'Live Settings' and click 'Change Tax' button
  6. In the modal, enter in the name of the tax and your tax rate to match the rules set in Join It. 

For membership types that automatically re-bill

When tax is calculated on top of the membership and the membership is set to recur, then there are no additional steps required for you to collect tax that you've set within Join It. You're good to go! 

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