We love Stripe. They offer a super easy user interface and are very developer friendly for backend functionality.

That said, we know everyone has their favorite. Whether another payment processor is highly integrated with your organization or if Stripe is not accessible in your country, we suggested a couple of workarounds.

Option 1: enable members to join and follow up with payment through an alternative means

First, create a membership type that is listed as free, but indicates in the description that payment will be collected before the member becomes fully active.

You can configure the membership type to add a member with a "Pending" status.

This "Pending" status will act as a flag for an admin to follow up with a member to collect payment through an alternative means, e.g. cash/check, PayPal, etc.

Once payment is in hand, you can flip the member's status to "Active".

Option 2: manually add a member and make note of a payment received

From your member table, click the "Add Member" button at the top. More information on this can be found here: http://support.joinit.org/setting-up-your-organization/how-do-i-manually-add-a-member

On the right you will notice a few payment options. Select which payment option best applies to this member: offline payment (cash/check/other online, e.g. PayPal), online (through stripe), or no payment.

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