Wrestling with CSVs and excel files is a huge pain! But practice makes perfect, so we're more than happy to help with importing your old financial/payment data into your membership database. 

Financial Data Overview

First, a quick note on how financial data is stored within your members database. 

All payment records within Join It must be attached to a member record. With respects to the importing of this data, this means that there needs to be an associating ID included in your import (typically this is done via an email address -- but it can also be the unique Membership ID, as long as this was imported with your members). 

How to Import Financial Data

The financial data that you're importing should include the following columns: 

  • Email - String

  • Membership ID - String

  • Payment Value - Number

  • Currency - String - Follows ISO 4217 Standard, e.g. usd, aud, gbp, cad. 

  • Payment Date - Date - Required Format, YYYY-MM-DD

  • Invoice ID - Number

  • Notes - String (optional)

Because we're associating all payments with a membership, certain fields do not have to be imported with the payment (e.g. Membership Types, Expiration Date, Member information. etc.) because it's already stored alongside the member object. 

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