If your organization has memberships that automatically re-bill, then you're going to run into cases where your memberships have failed payments. 

When this occurs, Join It will automatically email a Failed Payment Notification prompting your members to update their billing information. 

After a series of Failed Payment Notifications (see 'Adjusting Failed Payment Settings'  below for more info), their Membership will be automatically cancelled and the member will be notified with a Membership Cancellation Notice.

Adjusting Failed Payment Settings

If you wish to adjust how the schedule for automatically re-trying Failed Payments, then you can adjust these settings within your Stripe account: https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/billing/automatic 

We suggest keeping the setting as 'Use Smart Retries' and within '3 Weeks', but you can select whatever you prefer. 

If you wish to adjust what happens after you've exhausted the amount of Failed Payments, then you can also do that here: https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/billing/automatic 

We suggest making sure that the Subscription still cancels, as this is required for Join It to send out the respective Membership Cancellation Notice, but if you'd prefer that these folks stay Active then that's an available option.

Why do Failed Payments occur? 

Failed payments can occur for a number of reasons: 

  • Card is past it's expiration date 

  • Card has been cancelled because it's been reported lost or stolen

  • Bank returns that the attached payment method has insufficient funds

  • Bank returns errors or 'do not honor' for a list of other reasons 

Failed payments are an unfortunate inevitability when it comes to collecting automatically re-billing payments -- but with the Failed Payment Notifications, Join It works to prevent these Membership Payments from not being collected / cancelled.

Contact us with any questions

If you have additional questions on the Failed Payment notifications, more details can be found in the 'Communication' section of the help center. 

If you have any additional questions -- feel free to chat us! :)

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