🏷 Special Offer: Zapier is our only Automation that's free for all Organizations on Join It, regardless of their Package (including our Free version). 

Installing and setting up Zapier under this Special Offer guarantees free access to this integration forever. However, this offer might not last long!


Today, we're excited to announce our direct integration with Zapier.

Once you install Join It's app on Zapier through this link, you'll be able to set up Zaps with triggers from Join It. These triggers include:  

  • Membership created

  • Membership updated

  • Membership goes inactive

  • Membership is renewed

Zapier then allows you to select from 1000's of connected services to determine what happens after a trigger event in Join It -- the possibilities are endless!

Each link above, will take you to these integrations and walk you through how to get them set up. :)

We're excited to see what our customers do with this new functionality, and if you're setting it up for the first time, then we'd love to hear from you!

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