Note: Webhooks are a feature that can be used by software developers to make sure two independent software systems interface with each other. While Webhooks can be used for an unlimited amount of purposes, they do require a basic knowledge of HTTP, JSON, and the software development.


Join It's webhook product allows Organizations to set up POST notifications to be sent to an external URI upon certain triggers (listed below).

First, navigate to the Webhooks section of your Automations:

If you don't have any Webhooks created, then you'll be prompted to create your first Webhook (if you have at least one Webhook created -- then click 'Create Automation'). 

First, you'll want to view the different triggers available: 

  • Memberships Created

  • Memberships Renewed

  • Memberships Updated

When an event is triggered, Join It will send a POST notification to the external URI included in the Automation set up.

The body of the POST will be a Membership Object defined here:

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