One thing that we've consistently heard from Organizations evaluating Join It is that they want to fully understand the functionality of Join It and the experience of their members before committing to a new membership solution. 

So Join It created a Test Mode, where Organizations can try out the platform in a safe environment. 

If you're ready to Go Live with your Organization, then go ahead and follow the button below. If you want to learn more about Test Mode, then details are beneath the button.

When an Organization is in Test Mode, here's what you get: 

  • Within your Admin Dashboard, you'll see a notification on your account -- which tells you whether it's in Test Mode. If you're in Test Mode and ready to Go Live, then you can Activate through this link: 

  • On your Profile, you'll be able to 'checkout' without entering payment details when your Organization is in test mode. This means you can see the entire Membership experience (minus the actual Online Payment -- if your curious what Membership Invoices look like, you can see those here). 

How to test Membership Checkout

One of the most powerful parts of Test Mode, is that organization admins can see the full checkout experience from the perspective of their members. 

When the Organization is in Test Mode, the checkout form is hidden (so credit/debit cards aren't collected) -- so that a member can register with an Offline Payment. This is intended to allow organization admins to checkout, view the confirmation message, and the members portal before activating their organization. 

If you're ready to activate and go live, then you can do that here: 

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