In response to COVID-19 and the broader current events, we've seen shifting needs from Organizations that use the Join It platform.

One of the common themes that we've heard comes from Organizations that are quickly adopting new tools to support bringing their communities online. And one of these new tools that organizations want to connect to their Membership to Zoom.

After watching the increasing popularity of Zoom and hearing this feedback from existing customers -- we quickly got to work on building a new Zoom Membership Management.


  • Step 1 - Connection your Zoom account to Join It through the 'Automations' tab in your Dashboard
  • Step 2 - Create your Meetings in Zoom as you typically would.
  • Step 3 - Newly created Meetings in Zoom are instantly pushed into your account on Join It to make sure your Profile and the Member Portal are always up-to-date.

Questions or Suggestions?

We built this integration very quickly in response to COVID-19, and we're sure this only scratches the surface of the potential integration of these two platforms.

Do you currently use Zoom for your online community and sell Memberships? If so, we'd love to hear from you!

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